Q: How can I contact the person that runs Netflix Streaming?
A: You can email me here.

Q: What is Netflix Streaming?
A: Netflix Streaming refers to the service provided to Netflix customers called "Watch Instantly." Netflix customers are able to log in to the Netflix website and watch a plethora of TV shows and films on demand (for free after paying the monthly fee).

Q: What is NetflixStreaming.blogspot.com?
A: NetflixStreaming was created as a comprehensive outlet for customers of the Netflix company to easily find out what is worth watching, specifically with their Internet-tailored "Netflix Watch Instant" service. This website notes what we believe people would be interested in watching (whether TV or movies), and what we think you should watch! We love Netflix's Watch Instantly streaming!

Q: Why create NetflixStreaming?
A: In our experience, Netflix's website has done a (relatively) bad job at relaying certain information to customers regarding what's worth watching and what's available. We love their ability to tell us what we would rate movies, but sometimes this just isn't enough!

Q: What movies will be streaming soon on Netflix?
A: There is an unbelievable amount of movies already streaming on Netflix and an unbelievable amount of movies that have yet to stream on Netflix (but will). There simply isn't enough time in the day to talk about all the movies that are and will be available through the service, so we will do our best to provide the information we feel imperative to make the most out of the service at this time.

Q: Are you affiliated with Netflix?
A: We are in no way affiliated with Netflix whatsoever. We are simply fans of the Watch Instantly service and feel it to be an enjoyable experience to suggest what we feel are the best ways to take advantage of the website.

Q: What are "Netflix Surprises?"
A: We find that a lot of times, people don't know what they want to stream on Netflix Streaming. In the cases where people can't decide, we surprise them with something watchable. Sometimes these are "hidden gems," sometimes they're just good movies (sometimes they're both!). Either way, they're going to be good (in our opinion) and worth a watch (or at least worth putting in your Instant Queue for a later day!).
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