Coming to Netflix Instant - September 2012 Streaming

Here's a list of some of the movies coming in September 2012 to Netflix streaming!

A Gifted Man
A Night at the Roxbury
Analyze This
Angel Eyes
Basic Instinct
Beavis and Butt-head Do America
Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop II
Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?
Charlie Bartlett
Coming to America
Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said?
Deep Impact
Dog Day Afternoon
Double Jeopardy
Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley
Everybody Loves Raymond
Everything Is Illuminated
Failure to Launch
Hey Arnold! The Movie
Hot Rod
Jackass: Number Two
Letters from Iwo Jima
Mean Girls
Mean Girls 2
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible III
Private Parts
Rat Race
Rules of Engagement
Runaway Bride
Something's Gotta Give
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Star Trek: Insurrection
Team America: World Police
Terra Nova
The Descent: Part 2
The Grey
The Longest Yard
The Musketeer
The Omen
The Thing
Titan A.E.
Tommy Boy
Vanilla Sky
We Were Soldiers
What Women Want
White Chicks
Without A Paddle
Yours, Mine, and Ours

Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix Streaming - August 2012

Posted below are our current Top 10 favorite horror films that are currently streaming on Netflix... currently!

Check 'em out, is there something you think we missed?

Pontypool - Netflix Streaming Hidden Gem Surprises

As I've said repeatedly on this blog, one of my favorite types of movies is where you put a group of characters in a room, and see what happens when chaos tears society apart (or just makes it so that the characters themselves are, in seclusion, forced to interact only with one another).

I think this genre is fascinating in the way it forces actors to actually act without any sort of action getting in the way. This might make me sound a little artsy-fartsy, but I don't care. I really do enjoy good acting.

Pontypool is a take on this type of movie in a way I've really never seen before. The movie is about a talk radio host, whom, in the midst of the chaos outside the building, stays on the air, and reports the goings-on of... what's happening.

I don't want to give too much away, but this is the kind of movie that you really have to have a sort of imagination to watch. The storytelling is phenomenal, and it's such an exciting new direction for this genre to go.

Go into it not really expecting a lot of action, and you'll be thrilled by the way in which you're actually thrilled. I really did enjoy it and I think, if you're a horror fan, you will too. Go add it to your queue!

Watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

Rango: Netflix Streaming Surprises

If you're generally not a fan of computer animated films, have no fear, you shouldn't be dissuaded by Rango.

Because Rango, to me, never really felt like a kids movie. Sure, it had all the right elements: computer animation, cartoony characters, a backdrop of outrageous proportions, but to be honest, the tone never really feels childish in any way throughout the film.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that this isn't a kids movie at all, and I'm not entirely sure if kids would even enjoy the movie.

The movie is basically a western done in the animated realm, with Johnny Depp voicing the main character playing homage to all sorts of previous films. The design and scope of the plot is also a little more complicated than a general children's film, and the action itself is a little outside the boundaries of what you'd expect from a film that 'looks' like this.

The animation is simply fantastic, to say the least. It's unsurprising how much credit the animation studio of this film has received for really embarking on a quest to make this film look amazing.

I'm curious as to what other people thought of this movie, as it really is kind of a film that I'd expect to have a lot of polarized reactions to, basically depending on the type of expectations you had for it going into the film. Leave a comment if you've seen it, and let me know what you think of it.

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

God Bless America: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

Before I recommend this film, I must say that in order for you to enjoy it, you have to be at least open-minded to the idea of violence being a large aspect of a film. Like, not grotesque torture-porn, but more in the realm of Kill Bill.

If you're okay with violence, then you may just love this movie. I'm generally not a fan of violence in films (a lot of times it just seems like it's put in there for shock value alone) but this film specifically does a good job at showing how and why it's being used as a form of satire on American culture.

The movie itself is about a guy who finds out he has a terminal brain tumor, and because he's so disgusted with reality television, he decides to systematically go about killing reality TV stars.

This sounds demented, and it is. But that's the point. The movie itself is a very dark comedy, and if you're able to find humor in it, you're going to really enjoy yourself. I know I've taken huge issue with the extent to which reality TV has done its part to deconstruct "politeness" in American culture, and this movie does a good (and fun) job at really showing the extent to which that really is the case.

The beginning scene may be a little too jarring for some (even though they don't specifically show the thing that happens - it happens slightly off-screen) but once I got passed that scene, I really understood what the comedy of the movie was based on. I really liked it, and I've already recommended it to some of my friends who are obsessed with celebrities and reality TV.
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