Top 10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films on Netflix - May 2012

Here's the list of our Top 10 favorite Action & Adventure (as in, within the Sci-Fi & Fantasy category on Netflix Instant) movies. What do you think should have made our list?

9. Starship Troopers (Read our post HERE!)
8. They Live (Read our post HERE!)
7. The Iron Giant (Read our post HERE!)
6. TiMER (Read our post HERE!)
5. Donnie Darko (Read our post HERE!)
4. Serenity (Read our post HERE!)
1. Groundhog Day (Read our post HERE!)

Paste's 'Best Movies on Netflix' List

Paste (the magazine - I think they're still a magazine anyway..) has put together a list of what they consider to be the 50 best movies currently streaming on Netflix Instant. It's interesting to see what they think are the best of the best.

Here are their Top 10 (#1 being best):

10. Metropolis
9. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
8. True Grit
7. Chinatown
6. The Big Lebowski
5. The Gold Rush
4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
2. Chariots of Fire
1. The Bicycle Thief (Ladri di biciclette)

Click to see the full list here!

The People vs. George Lucas - Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

Click to watch the Netflix streaming movie here!

If you're alive and breathing, chances are you've seen Star Wars. If you're a certain age, there was a time when you lived for many, many years with only the original trilogy, which many consider to be flawless in nature. But then George Lucas started doing things without a leash.

This movie documents the decades-long battle between George Lucas and his fans, a battle of which seems to have started once George Lucas began going back to the original trilogy and making larger and larger changes to things that nobody felt needed changing.

But then the tinkering went further and further, to a point where actual character backgrounds were being manipulated, to a point in design where the director wanted the character to be, while conversely making audiences everywhere upset by watering down what they previously loved.

And then the new trilogy came out, and the entire storm that had been brewing for awhile came to full fruition, and a level of hatred seemed to erupt from the Star Wars masses.

This movie isn't an incredibly serious documentary, but rather a fun and almost cathartic viewing experience, wherein if you're frustrated with George Lucas, you can watch this and experience what millions of other Star Wars fans experience.

Even though I grew up watching the Star Wars movies, admittedly, I'm no expert and I'm not the biggest fan. This movie was still a fun movie to watch, because I know people who ARE big fans, and I've heard them speak of this type of thing all the time.

Also, I hate Episodes I-III.

Coming Soon to Netflix Streaming- June 2012

Here's the list of films that are coming to Netflix Streaming next month that we find notable! Pretty long list this month, as you can see:

Anger Management
Apocalypse Now
Acopalypse Now Redux
Best in Show
Changing Lanes
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Friday the 13th: Part 3
Friday the 13th: Part 4: The Final Chapter
Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives
Friday the 13th: Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
Grumpier Old Men
Lethal Weapon
Life is Beautiful
Look Who's Talking Too
Lost in Translation
Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut
Nude Nuns with Big Guns (<--- WHAT!?)
Saving Silverman
Shakespeare in Love
She's All That
The Cable Guy
The Cider House Rules
The Faculty
The General's Daughter
The Golden Child
The Patriot
The Pebble and the Penguin
The Pianist
Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Wild Wild West

Drive - Netflix Streaming Surprises

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

Drive should have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I think it's that good.

I went into Drive not really knowing too much about it. I knew that it had Ryan Gosling in it, and that it featured Albert Brooks in a "serious" role.

The thing that you recognize very quickly while watching this film is the tone and pacing. Almost immediately, you're introduced to a high level of stress and tension, accompanied by a level of understanding that this is the kind of film that shouldn't be watched by someone with a really short attention span.

There is a lot of patience and waiting needed to watch this movie simply because there is very little talking. There IS talking (it's not like a silent film or anything) but much of the storytelling is done by lighting and colors. It's hard to really explain without seeing it, but it's done in a way that makes everyday situations feel almost more normal than any movie I've seen. Things in real life ARE awkward.

The movie plays off like it's something out of the 80s. I love the style of the film, and immediately after watching I rated the movie 5 stars on my Netflix account. Hopefully you enjoy this movie as much as I did. Add it to your Netflix streaming queue!

Blockbuster 2

I saw this floating around the Internet and I just had to post it here. I think this is hilarious:

Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix - May 2012

Here's this month's list of our Top 10 favorite horror movies! We really love horror movies (as long as they're not torture porn) so please let us know if there are any movies that you think might be able to break into this list!

Adaptation: Netflix Streaming Surprises

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

Adaptation is the kind of movie where, if I want to try to explain to people my favorite kind of movie, this is near the top as to my go-tos in that conversation.

Adaptation is a Charlie Kaufman movie, and if you don't like Charlie Kaufman by now, you probably aren't going to like this movie. Charlie Kaufman has a distinct style to his writing - that being weird. Not in a weird sense that nothing makes sense, but in a "who would have ever thought of writing this type of a movie?" sense. Charlie Kaufman is probably most famous for his writing of Being John Malkovich, but trust me, this is a few levels lower on the hierarchy of weirdness. Meaning it's not THAT weird.

It's not even really weird at all. I mean, the storytelling is done in a fascinating way, but not in any sort of confusing or creepy manner. No, it's moreso a fun, adventure-type film that has a lot of layers of complexity, adding together to be an entanglement of self-awareness and plot-driven character development.

I sound like I'm spouting a lot of hot air at this point, and I don't want to ruin anything in the movie for you. So if you haven't seen this movie, you need to stream it as soon as possible! It's a great film, and, like I said, one of my favorites.
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