Grizzly Man: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I first heard of this movie while listening to Joe Rogan's podcast. He spoke about the film, describing the essential absurdity of it. It's a movie about an unstable man, who decides to live with grizzly bears. Because they need saving.

Oh, but don't forget that the grizzly bears are in a protected park, and that exposing them to human contact only prevents them from being afraid of humans. By feeling safe around humans, they're more likely to be around them.

The man who's the star of the film is a very sad man. Some might find his situation amusing, but I found it to be pathetic, in a very sad way. I felt sorry for him, in the sense that he felt so unattached to anything in the real world, that he allowed himself to be completely consumed by the illusion of "harmony" of the grizzly bears' lifestyle.

The problem is that grizzly bears are mean. They're wild animals, and like wild animals, they're starving a majority of the time.

The videographer is eaten by grizzly bears, and the horrific sound of it was actually captured on film. The lens cap was on at the time, but you can hear the audio of him being eaten for approximately six whole, very long, minutes. Thankfully, we aren't allowed to hear this, because I can only imagine it disturbing people like myself to the core of my being.

His being eaten is the driving purpose to this documentary, as we get to learn about who Timonthy Tredwell was, and what his life and death is perceived as.

It's amazing to me while watching this, to see the amazing footage he was allowed to capture. You truly do feel the pain and suffering he feels as he witnesses the light and dark of the wilderness lifestyle. Living this lifestyle meant inevitable death, and one can only live to ponder what his true motivations possibly were.

The moral of the story that I perceived was simple: There are boundaries that separate us from the wild. We're not supposed to be able to cross that boundary, because it's not a world we can ever truly be a part of.

Dante's Peak: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I remember when Dante's Peak first came out, it seems like it was about the same time as another movie, Volcano, and they both had to do with a lava attack on the people. (Did you like that joke?)

The thing is, Dante's Peak is miles better in terms of quality. It's not cheesy like its counterpart, and actually has a legitimate story.

Dante's Peak stars Pierce Brosnan as a "vulcanologist" (yes, apparently that really is a word) who's examining a volcano's sudden rise in activity. Nothing is really expected to be wrong (of course) but after awhile, and much drama, things DO in fact go wrong.

I like this film a lot. I like that it's fast-paced and doesn't rely on cheap jokes to make the action watchable and exciting. It goes along and actually (in my admittedly naive opinion) demonstrate how a city would react if suddenly taken aback by a volcano erupting next door.

Add it to your queue if you like adventure movies, and especially if you're a Pierce Brosnan fan. This movie definitely has a lot of Brosnan acting very Brosnan-y.

Religulous: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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If you have a sense of humor and are constantly on the path to find truth, Religulous is the kind of movie you're going to be pretty fond of.

This movie (I guess it's technically a documentary?) shows Bill Maher as he travels the world to converse with people from all sorts of religions. In these conversations, he asks very simple questions, to which the religious people all seem to have similar responses to - and we begin to see that they don't even truly believe what they believe.

What that is to say, is that almost nobody he talks to has a fundamentalist approach to everything they believe in and practice (although he does talk to some fundamentalists).

Anyway, it's interesting to see him provoke thought in people and crazy to see how far some people around the globe are willing to go in order to stay religious. You'll see what I mean when you watch - there are plenty of loopholes that people are constantly trying to find in order to bend the rules of their own religions.

Maher does a good job of not being too judgmental when things get a little too absurd sometimes, and it's fun to see him spread his idea (being that, 'doubt' is a good thing) to people who don't seem to be very used to the idea.

Check this out if you're open and willing to new ideas, introduced in a very comfortable and laughable manner. This isn't the most hard-hitting documentary in the world, but it's simply more of a means to watch Bill Maher go around and have fun with people who think very differently than he does.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey - Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I love the Muppets. I grew up with them and still love them.

There's something that just makes me happy when thinking about the fact that there are these characters that we see on the screen all the time, knowing full well that there are people with hands in them, and we consider them to be... well, people.

Elmo, to me and you, is a person. We know the personality, we know the voice, we know the way he goes about his way. But there's a person inside him, and this documentary allows us to get to know him.

Being Elmo is fascinating because not only does it delve into the history of Kevin Clash, but it shows what it takes to make the world's children happy. We see how Kevin Clash has devoted all his time and energy in his life to making millions of children smile, and we also get insight into the toll it takes on him.

Watch this documentary if you're in the mood to feel uplifted and inspired. Kevin Clash is a great human being and I'm so glad to have finally gotten to see who he is. This is one of my favorite documentaries I've ever seen.
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