Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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What do you look for in a good horror movie? Is it uniqueness? Is it hilarity? Is it good acting? If you're looking for any of these, you've come to the right place.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is one of the better comedy/horror films I've ever seen... mainly because I've never seen a 'horror' film turn out this way.

If you haven't seen the trailers yet, don't. The trailers give a little too much away in terms of the outcome of the movie, but let me just say this: this movie is about two guys who are at their home away from home, surrounded by a tremendous amount of stupid teenagers.

See, the teenagers think that Tucker and Dale are evil, and are trying to be vigilantes against them. The problem is, they're all tremendously stupid, and constantly keep putting themselves into situations where they're easily killed. So, then, it appears that Tucker and Dale are the bad guys, see?

It's a fun ride and people need to watch this, if for nothing more, to show a middle finger to all the different distributors who refused to take on this film and put it into mass theaters for the longest time (this movie was basically on the shelf for a year or two, just waiting to be picked up by any distributor).

So go ahead and add it to your queue, I'm sure you'll be watching with thousands of other people today!

GoldenEye: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Now, I'm not the biggest 007 fan. I've only seen four or five of them, and the ones I've seen are from the past 10 years or so (aka the beginning of the Brosnan era).

I've always found the 007 to be a little too cheesy, and therefore just kind of stupid. That being said, GoldenEye works on all the things that made the 007 cheesiness work, and it worked well.

If you're a normal human being, you played the Nintendo 64 game of the same title, and if you're like me, you might have even played the game before watching the movie. Doing that made watching the movie a surreal experience (honestly, at the time I didn't even know that it WAS a movie - I thought it was just a game).

I really loved and still love this movie, but honestly I don't know if I'm able to look at it in an unbiased manner. Alec Trevelyan is one of my favorite bad guys ever, and I loved the dichotomy of two special agents having to fight one another throughout the film.

There's something about this movie that pushes itself over the top though, in terms of being able to be watched again and again even if ignoring the nostalgia factor. It's a superb 'Bond' film (I know that's not saying much considering how few I've see) but if you have seen many, I'm sure you'll agree that this is one of the best. If you haven't seen it before, just know that it's a fun, exciting action film. Just add it to your queue!

Funny CollegeHumor Netflix Video

I don't know how I never came across this College Humor video during that entire "Qwikster" fiasco, but I just watched it and I couldn't stop laughing during most of it. It's very cutting and still relative to a lot of people's feelings on the current selection of movies available on Netflix Streaming (hint: if you want to find hidden gems, you've come to the right place!)

(Warning: Language)

Netflix Fireplace for Your Home

Check it out, Netflix has put on streaming the ability to make your home television set a fireplace. I remember seeing this "fireplace" video footage in countless television shows and movies (of which, of course, I can remember none of off-hand).

Anyway, if you're looking for something to put on in your living room this Christmas season (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this month - I love all of you) you can't possibly name anything less threatening than footage of a fireplace.

Although not really a movie or show, this is nonetheless a cool addition that Netflix made available.

Mallrats: Netflix Surprises

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Even though Kevin Smith has kind of "dropped off" in terms of quality in films lately, there was a time in which he was making a series of View Askew movies, all similar in tone and containing mostly the same character set. Or actually, maybe just Jay and Silent Bob, with reoccurring actors.

Mallrats was one of those "Kevin Smith early films" that made him so famous. Not because it was even all that good, but because it was unique in terms of being a low-budget, honest, witty comedy. I mean, there's nothing particularly amazingly hysterical about this movie, but it's easy and fun to watch, and it's always funny to watch the sharp dialogue that Kevin Smith is able to write.

I'm making this movie sound boring, which it definitely is not. It's just, a Kevin Smith movie. It's kind of hard to describe without being a big Kevin Smith fan, but there are aspects about his movies that are just uniquely enjoyable for the sheer ability to be shockingly realistic.

Although this Kevin Smith movie bombed in the box office, it's known as one of the great hidden gems of the View Askewniverse. If you enjoy Jay and Silent Bob, you're going to enjoy this movie. If you enjoy watching Ben Affleck be a dick, you're going to enjoy this movie. If you enjoy comedies that aren't cheap and obviously took time to write and conjure up realism, you're going to enjoy this movie.

Add it to your queue and let me know what you think of this movie.

Stephen Fry in America: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I didn't know who Stephen Fry was until recently, but now that I know who he is, it's crazy that I haven't read and watched everything he's ever written.

I remember the first time I really sat down to listen to his speaking when I came across a YouTube video of him on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, wherein, Ferguson had him on the show and decided that it would be better for everyone involved if there was no audience during the filming. Because of this, the conversation was able to be a lot more coherent and serious in tone than it would be with a studio audience. (See part 1 of it, here.)

Anyway, after I watched that, I was astonished at how I hadn't heard about him before, because I really do love hearing very intellectual people speak their minds in a structured and logical manner. Needless to say, I really respected him thereafter.

Seeing his opinions on America sounded like a good time, and the fact that he was going to travel across every single state and experience every different culture sounded like a hilariously good time. So yeah, I watched, and yeah, it's awesome.

It's really fun to see Stephen Fry experience all these different things in different states in such a quirky manner. He really is curious in an infantile type of mindset, which makes it really fun and funny.

Add it to your queue if you're interested in Stephen Fry and/or the idea of seeing the sights and cultures of all the different states. This is the first "See all the 50 states" type of documentary-thing I've ever watched, and I assume this is probably the best I'll ever see.
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