The Game: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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The Game is one of my absolute favorite movies. If you've been reading my blog at all over the past year or so, you know how much of a fan I am of thrillers, David Fincher, and cerebral movies. This movie is a great culmination of all three of these things!

The Game is one of those kinds of movies where you SHOULD NOT read any reviews, previews, or analyses on the movie. It's not the kind of movie that you want to go into knowing ANYTHING about. And just to save you the worry, I promise you that this is not another one of those movies that has a Schizophrenic cop-out ending. I say that with a slight condescension on that plot device, because it's been done so many times now that it's become redundant and isn't surprising when it happens anymore.

Instead, this is the kind of movie where the main character goes through a series of events that are so complex and long in nature, that you're absolutely amazed at how much happens. The reason why it's so good and the reason why I'm not telling you anything that happens is that simply, it's the experience that counts. If you were told that in Saving Private Ryan, they find Private Ryan after a bunch of battles, it's not the same as experiencing it, right?

Maybe I'm not the best at describing these types of things. Maybe I should just stop talking.

If you have not seen this movie, add it to your queue immediately and let me know what you think. You will not be disappointed with this film.

Thanksgiving Streaming Movie?

It's Thanksgiving! You know what that means...

It's ThanksKILLING time! That's right. If you're looking for a straight-up awesome (albeit absurdly gratuitous) movie that's very Thanksgiving holiday specific, you're not going to get any more awesome than ThanksKilling.

What is it about? A murderous turkey. Yeah, that's about all you need to know. If you need to know anymore, feel free to read our blog post we did about it last year.

But seriously, it's hysterical. In the worst possible way possible.

Panic Room - Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I've been a big fan of David Fincher ever since I can remember. Two of my absolute favorite movies of all time are Fight Club and Se7en, of which he directed both. There's something about the way he's able to make the dark and depressing so outstandingly memorable to me, and everything he touches (generally) turns to gold. Or at least is somewhat good, you know...

Anyway, this film was directed by David Fincher, and it really does have that "David Fincher" feel. There's a very dark aspect to the film, and if you know anything about me and my taste of movies, you know I really do appreciate it when a movie can keep its scenery to a minimum and allow the acting to flourish. This is definitely that type of a movie, as the main characters are forced to protect themselves within a "panic room" (hence the movie title, see!) the entire film while people attempt to break into their home.

It's a fun movie, and cool to see how David Fincher is able to make a home feel so large in scope. There's just something about the way in which he tones things that makes the smallest scene feel immeasurably huge in your head.

So yeah, I enjoyed this movie, but apparently I might just be a big David Fincher fanboy. If you're a fan of his work, or enjoy the acting of Jodie Foster, you'll very likely enjoy this film. Add it to your queue if you're interested in a good thriller!

New Arrested Development: Netflix Instant Exclusive!

You read that title right everybody, and yes I know it's shocking. New episodes of Arrested Development!

Beverly Hills, Calif., November 18, 2011—In a landmark deal, all new episodes of the Emmy Award-winning comedy series “Arrested Development” will be coming exclusively to Netflix for its U.S. members to watch instantly, beginning in 2013.
This should surely help people who have been considering defecting from Netflix to stop doing so, and I expect this to help stop the continual decline of their stock prices as well. More than anything, this is an impressive first step for Hollywood to recognize that the Internet (or more specifically, the ability to stream) is THE new medium to broadcast entertainment.
Added Howard, “After a long hiatus, I’m dying to finally get back to the narrator’s microphone…’It’s Arrested…Development.’


Limitless: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I went into watching this movie with a lot of hesitation. I mean, it's a movie about a guy who takes a pill to become "smarter." That doesn't really, to me at least, sound like the best plot line in the world.

Crazily enough, the movie really does work. Aside from sorta/kinda being a big, long advertisement for ADD medication (har har), the movie is an exciting ride that makes sense as long as you don't think too hard about it.

What I mean to say is, this is a movie about a guy who takes a pill to become smarter (ie being able to immediately remember everything he's ever learned immediately). How seriously are you supposed to take a movie with that as the plot?

I don't feel like I'm really going anywhere with this summary so far, and I guess that's what I do best.

Anyway, the movie is a thriller, and it's the kind of movie that you watch and enjoy living vicariously though the life of the main character. Suspension of disbelief is a lot easier than I originally expected, and because of that, it's entirely enjoyable and worth watching at least once. I plan on watching it again now that it's been brought to Netflix streaming, and I'm sure there are many others who are also in my same boat.

Add it to your queue if you're in the kind of mood to watch a fun and exciting thriller, that doesn't take itself too seriously and has a great level of watch-ability.

The Mothman Prophecies: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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When it comes to scary movies, it really does honestly take a lot to get me to become "scared."

It's weird, when you really think of it, how many "scary" movies don't really make any of us scary. There are so many that are overly gory, or rely on LOUD NOISES to provoke the audience to scare.

The Mothman Prophecies is one of the first movies I have ever watched (once becoming old enough to realize that ghosts, Michael Myers, etc. don't exist) that scared me.

It not only scared me, but I had nightmares. It takes a lot to get me to have nightmares.

This is a ~true story~ (I do it with the ~ things because I never actually believe anything is true story ever, ever) about a series of events that occurred a few years ago that, if the story is true, involved the appearance of a "Mothman."

At this point, I don't want to say too much more about the actual plot of the movie, but calling it/him/whatever the "Mothman" isn't doing justice. There's a lot of creepy stuff that goes on in this movie, and you should check this movie out if you're into truthfully creepy movies.

Add it to your queue!

Top 10 Thrillers on Streaming - November 2011

Here is our latest Top 10 list of Thrillers (as in, movies that are actually classified as "thrillers" on Netflix Instant) on Netflix streaming! Each of these had our hearts racing at one point or another!

10. Misery
2. Exam

Insidious: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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This is one scary movie that's new to the horror film scene that I've very rarely heard of anyone watching and not saying they got at least a little scared.

Insidious is a great horror film. It has a lot of elements that make a great scary movie, and it executes them very properly. The thing that makes it so scary is not that it resorts to any cheap tactics, but that it very successfully goes through the process of creeping you the eff out.

Although, I seem to find myself to be more afraid of the ghost/demon/whatever type of movies compared to the murderer type stuff. I think I've found myself to be more afraid of the "unknown" in that regard than the concept of just a crazy guy that can (and should) be stopped, God-willing someone manages to ever learn how to use a gun properly.

Anyway, I watched Insidious this past month, and I very thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that it's only PG-13 makes it available to a very large base of viewers, so if you're looking for a very scary movie to watch with the entire family, this might actually be one of the best bets you have in all of Netflix Streaming. That's not to say that your little kids should be watching something like this, because, as if I haven't made myself very clear by this point: This movie is really scary.

Go add it to your queue if this sounds like something you're interested in. If you're not interested, you're probably not a fan of scary movies. If you are a fan of scary movies, then why haven't you watched this movie yet!?

Funny Buffering Faces on Netflix

This picture has been floating around online as a hilarious buffer state that somebody had to look at for a full two minutes, waiting for the episode of The Office he was watching to start again:

I've never thought of taking screen shots of my computer at funny buffer states before. Do any of you have any funny shots?

Downfall: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

Watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

If you're a fan of studying the history of World War II in the slightest, you'll probably want to seek out watching Downfall asap.

The movie is a very inside look of what very likely went on in the last few hours before Hitler's death. The movie takes place primarily in a bunker under the ground, as Hitler and those close to him begin to realize that they're about to lose the war.

You've probably seen a certain scene from this movie parodied a thousand times by now, and as you watch this movie, you'll realize quickly which scene I'm talking about...

But anyways, it's cool to see Hitler portrayed in this way. It's sobering to see this side, that we're not very often able to see, portrayed in this manner. The movie itself shows the distinct emotions felt by a group of people who know that their lives are very close to coming to an end. There is a very strong feeling of fear and helplessness conveyed by the actors in this film, and it's crazy to almost want to feel sorry for the characters at some points.

If you're a WWII geek, you'll get a lot out of this film. But if you're not, you might want to pass. It really is something that you'll only really enjoy if you have a large amount of background knowledge on World War II.

I Love You Phillip Morris: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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First off, I should tell you that if you have any qualms about homosexuals, this isn't the movie for you.

Second off, if you don't have any qualms about homosexuals, this movie is a quirky and funny, interesting true love story about two guys who have a very strange life together.

This movie stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, two men who meet in prison and fall in love. Jim Carrey's character is an absolute con man, and you'll be absolutely astounded at the lengths that he goes to break out of prison and/or make money with the goal of being together and happy with Ewan McGregor.

The fact that the movie is actually a true story makes it that much more crazy, and I honestly think that the Jim Carrey character (while being incredibly obnoxious and stupid in a lot of cases) is one of the smartest characters (or people) I've ever heard of before. I mean, you have to watch the movie to fully understand, but he does some CRAZY stuff in this movie, that I can't believe he figured out how to accomplish.

Check out this movie if you're into conman movies, and/or love stories, I guess. It's quirky and one of the most unique spins on a love story I've ever seen.

Leap of Faith: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I sometimes really wish I would have been able to grow up a few years earlier. There are certain comedians that came to major popularity before I was able to really be old enough to enjoy and fully grasp their awesomeness, and one of those is Steve Martin.

Steve Martin is the main character in this movie, playing a preacher who, very obviously, is a conman doing this work as a way to make easy cash.

What's really fun to me is to see the means in which someone, when running one of these Evangelical preacher events as seen in the movie, is able to con their way into making a lot of money from tricking the audience into thinking that they are really able to communicate with God.

It's all really basic stuff in terms of the con-artistry stuff, but it's fun to see how a team would have to work together to do it. Compound this with the obviously funny Steve Martin and you have a really whacky type of film that's funny and easy to watch. I really enjoyed this whole aspect of the film, and thought the story worked well to go along with it.

Add it to your queue if you're really a fan of Steve Martin!

The Last Exorcism: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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Last week, I was doing everything in my might to watch as many scary movies during the month of October as physically possible. In the last few days of the month, I managed to watch this movie, even though I wasn't extremely excited about it.

The thing is, I'm really getting sick of the whole "faux-documentary" thing that's so popular in modern horror films. I'm especially sick of the very bad quality footage that always comes with these films (see: Paranormal Activity, etc.) The whole "we're holding a camera and maybe this is REAL!?" thing is getting pretty old now.

All that being said, this film absolutely stands out to me. The quality is superb (it's supposed to be a 'real' documentary, not just some stupid family footage that was 'found' at a later time) so they use good cameras with good lighting and a whole fake crew.

The movie is about an exorcist who's a fraud, and he knows it. He goes about his day being a preacher, and he's all but lost his faith in what he's doing. He's going through the processes, but when it comes down to it, he's even found that exorcism is too irresponsible of a thing to 'sell' to people who are actually in need of real therapy.

The documentary is of his last exorcism, in which he goes about showing the ways in which he gets the person he's exorcising to believe they are really being exercised. It's really fun.

Please watch this movie! I guarantee that if you're a fan of this genre at all, you're going to get a lot out of this movie. And without saying too much, this movie is very, very scary in some parts. I'm very glad I watched this film, and I plan to watch it again in the future.

Add it to your queue!
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