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Conan O'Brien Can't Stop: Netflix Streaming Hidden Gem Surprises

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Back in the day (has enough time past to really refer to it as 'the day?') when Conan and Leno were duking it out for who would get to actually hold The Tonight Show (at its regular time slot)I was absolutely on Team Coco.

I was sad and angry over the entire ordeal, knowing that Conan O'Brien deserved respect, but simply wasn't getting any. Yes, he'd been given The Tonight Show and everything, but from the outside looking in, it was apparent that NBC was dead set on making it as hard as humanly possible for the show to be successful, long-term.

What I like about this film is that it not only is a massive form of expression by Conan O'Brien over the whole ordeal (a lot of the film is him talking about how he feels; how angry he is over what transpired) but also, I finally get to see what happened on that crazy tour of his!

After he had finished his show, he was disallowed from being on television for six months. He had huge support from a nation-wide (primarily online) fan base, and he wanted to go out and show his appreciate for them (and of course, make money, I guess).

This movie documents the entire experience, and it's very cool to watch if you're someone like me. This is one of those "big" entertainment events that don't happen very often, and being able to watch as it all went down was interesting, but it's even more interesting to see what was happening behind the scenes.

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What is Qwikster? A "new" Netflix DVD side.

Well, out of no where, Netflix has decided to split off the DVD side of things into an entirely new company, CEO and all.

This caught a lot of people by surprise last night, as it caught Twitter by storm.

This was posted on the Netflix blog:
So we realized that streaming and DVD by mail are becoming two quite different businesses, with very different cost structures, different benefits that need to be marketed differently, and we need to let each grow and operate independently. It’s hard for me to write this after over 10 years of mailing DVDs with pride, but we think it is necessary and best: In a few weeks, we will rename our DVD by mail service to “Qwikster”.
The following video has also been released:

The only thing that possibly makes me excited about this whole situation is the fact that, apparently, "Qwikster" will also be making video games available for rent. Outside of that, I can only see this making things more complicated (in terms of adding things to queues), having to go back and forth from different websites.

Many people are thinking that this is nothing more than a move to attempt to try to get people to stop being interested in DVD rentals by mail altogether.

What do you think?

28 Days: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Last night I finally got around to watching the Netflix streaming movie, "28 Days."

I didn't really know anything about it, other than the fact that Sandra Bullock was in it (she's on the cover). I try my best to try to ignore what a movie's about, so I was pretty shocked to discover almost right off the bat that this entire movie was essentially set within a rehab center (the cover would imply otherwise).

Anyway, I've heard a lot of people complain that this movie might be a little too on the "preachy" side of things, but to me it had just the right mix of the amount of "oh this sucks" and "oh I'm happy for this person" that you find in most drug-related movies (I'm so great at describing the way I feel, I should become a professional writer!)

Anyway, if it didn't deal with such heavy subject matter, I'd say this movie would almost be a great family movie. But, there is a lot of adult-themed stuff going on (and an f-word), so I wouldn't be so quick to say it'd be good for family night.

All that being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I went into it not expecting much and I was taken away by a relaxing movie that didn't really press my emotions to intensely. I'm usually one to avoid any movie having anything to do with drugs, because they really don't sit well with me on an emotional level (I just feel dirty afterwards, if you know what I mean).

Add this one to your queue and don't look at reviews of it. It's not incredibly dark and serious, but that's what I really enjoyed and took away from it.

Top 10 Starz Movies on Netflix Streaming - September 2011

With the alarming news that Starz programming is going to be leaving us in a couple months, I've been asked to put together some Starz related lists, so that people can get to watching the best of the best stuff that Netflix and Starz have available on Instant. I never really realize how much of run-on sentences some of these become until I finish writing them, and then once I write them and comment on how they're run-on sentences, it then becomes a little weird if I go back and change them.

But anyways! Here's this month's list of our Top 10 favorite Starz films available on Netflix streaming!

Starz to Leave Netflix Streaming

If you follow us on Twitter you were one of the first to hear about how, it appears, Starz programming will soon be a thing of the past on Netflix Instant.

Yesterday, the world came to arrive at the news that Netflix and Starz, when discussing new contracts for when the current ones expire, could not reach an agreement.

From the LA Times:
Premium cable network Starz Entertainment will end its deal to provide movies to Netflix, a surprise decision that will deprive the popular online video service of its most valuable source of recently released movies.

Analysts had said that if Starz were to renew its agreement, which expires in February 2012, it could have been worth as much as $300 million to John Malone's Liberty Media-owned network.

However, executives at Starz apparently concluded that they would lose even more money by giving consumers a reason to subscribe to Netflix instead of the cable channel.
So what does it mean for us Netflix streaming lovers? Obviously less movies (around 1,000), and especially, less newer movies.

To me, this all seems like a complicated mess that has to do with Starz not fully embracing this new distribution method.

According to the Wall Street Journal:
Starz was asking for an increase of 10 times the licensing fee that Netflix paid in 2008.

To renew the deal Netflix offered Starz more than $300 million per year, according to the Los Angeles Times, but Starz was pushing for tiered pricing, whereby Netflix subscribers who wanted Starz content would be required to pay more than the standard $8 per month.
TEN TIMES!? Starz, you can't be serious. I guess you're really gung-ho on the notion that people should pay a premium for your movies, that just so happen to be bad quality (technically-speaking) and not that great (with some exceptions). You have to be out of your mind to think that Netflix was going to give you that kind of money.

I know we're all freaking out about this to a certain extent, but perhaps that $300 million or so that Netflix was going to throw away at Starz might be used to bring in other/better content?

My prediction though, is that Starz will grow some sense and realize that this is the new medium for today's television fans.
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