Coming to Netflix Instant Streaming - March 2013

Don't get too excited, because the list of notable movies coming to Netflix Instant for the month of March isn't too extensive. But alas, here are the movies (and one TV show) that we found notable to blog about here. Sorry, but it appears that April will be a much bigger month, so keep watching!

Awkward (TV Show)
Black Snake Moan
Clear and Present Danger
Hustle & Flow
The Mask of Zorro


Mike said...

7 old movies? Super!

Anonymous said...

Amelie! Awesome!

brett lee said...

I have been searching for hours and I haven’t found such awesome work.
netflix canada

Anonymous said...

Wheres awkward it said it would be on netflix the 15th but its not

Anonymous said...

They need more good kids shows and true i keep seeing such and such is coming that never shows up.

Anonymous said...


Ravi said...

Amelie was never there.

zefe said...

Where is Amelie? D:

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