Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: Netflix Streaming Surprises

For the longest time, I thought that Mission: Impossible movies were actually kind of dumb. I mean, granted, the first one was pretty awesome at the time, but the following two didn't really do it for me. I guess it's been a long time since they came out, but to be completely honest, I simply don't remember anything about Mission: Impossible 2 or 3. Like, at all.

That all changed with Mission: Impossible 4. This not only is a great M:I movie, but a fantastic action movie in general. This movie completely flabbergasted me time and time again, not only for the crazy-cool action sequences, but for the fact that those crazy-cool action sequences were actually stunts done by Tom Cruise.

Say or think what you will about Tom Cruise, he's pretty ballsy when it comes to putting his life on the line (well, maybe not actual life, but a lot of those shots were pretty scary looking) for a good action scene.

There's a scene where Cruise actually climbs the tallest building in the world in Mission: Impossible 4, and Cruise is actually climbing it.

The movie just brings hit after hit and if you're looking for a fun thriller, this movie will surely satisfy you're tastes. Granted, I'm too young to have watched the television series that this movie series is based on, but apparently the greatest thing that a lot of people have to say about Ghost Protocol is the fact that it really seems to bring the "TEAM" aspect of Mission: Impossible back to the forefront of the story. This isn't a movie about Tom Cruise's character, it's about the team trying to accomplish the mission. And it's great!

Add it to your queue here!


David said...

Please rewatch Mission: Impossible 3.



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