Cartoon Network & Adult Swim Coming to Netflix!

Guess what everybody! Another channel has decided to start letting their shows be played on Netflix, this time it's Cartoon Network!

According to this article on Wired:
"Starting March 30, Netflix geeks in the US will see some new (old) favorites to add to their queues, including Adventure TimeAqua Teen Hunger ForceGreen LanternJohnny Bravo, and Robot Chicken."
The agreement includes complete previous seasons of both animated and live-action programming from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, and Adult Swim (and Dallas, though if you’ve been dying to relive that, you’ll have to wait until 2014). You’ll be seeing Ben 10Regular ShowThe Boondocks, andChildrens Hospital all at the end of March. 
This is great news! Is there anything specific you're looking forward to finally being able to stream on Netflix Instant?


Anonymous said...


(now I'll finally know what all those cool 12 year olds are talking about)

Anonymous said...

Great news. Children's Hospital + robot chicken ftw!

Anonymous said...

Please add Friends, ER and Golden Girls to Instant Stream!!!!!!


DaggerTalk said...

The one geeky film I want streamed on Netflix is Dr. Horrible's sing a long blog. I know that you have part 2 coming up in 2014, but getting the first one would be nice, before the second one comes out. Oh, and episodes of The Guild would be greatly appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Horrible has been up for quite a while on instant.

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