It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Netflix Streaming Surprises

It has finally happened! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has finally made its way onto Netflix Streaming!

I'm seriously so excited about this, because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is straight up, basically one of the funniest shows ever. It may not absolutely top my list of favorite comedies ever, but it's very close.

I honestly don't know if I've laughed out loud at a comedy television show as much as I've laughed at certain episodes of Always Sunny. There are honestly times, especially when an episode hits its climax and everything that has been building up comes together, where I honestly sit back and laugh till I cry. Hopefully I'm not getting your expectations too high or anything...

This show is about a group of friends who own and work in a bar. They're all raging alcoholics, and because they're constantly drunk and horrible (HORRIBLE) people, they get themselves into some absolutely absurd situations.

I love all the characters on the show, and I'm so excited to re-watch all the seasons. I'm especially intrigued to go back and watch the very first season, because Danny DeVito was actually not in the cast in that season. I'm curious to go back and see how the dynamic of the group worked way back then.

Add it to your queue and get ready to laugh! Stream it on Netflix here!


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Will Netflix ever get HBO shows like the Wire on streaming??

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