Christmas Episodes on Netflix Streaming!

One of the things that everyone (I think, most people) loves are themed episodes of their favorite TV shows, based on the coinciding holiday of that time. Well, I was going about my everyday Internet surfing today when I came across this list made by reddit user PROFESSIONAL_FART. Thanks to him, we have a great list of available Christmas episodes to watch! Check it out:
  • 30 Rock
s02e09 Ludachristmas
s03e06 Christmas Special
s04e08 Secret Santa
s05e10 Christmas Attack Zone
  • Arrested Development
s01e07 In God We Trust
s02e06 Afternoon Delight
  • The Bernie Mac Show
s01e07 A Christmas Story
s03e03 Road to Tradition
  • Cheers
s01e12 The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One
s06e12 Christmas Cheers
s11e11 Love Me, Love My Car
  • Coach
s03e12 Christmas Brains
s05e12 My True Love Gave to Me
s06e12 Christmas of the Van Damned
s09e08 You Win Some, You Lose Some
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
s01e13 The Ball
s02e13 All I Want for Christmas
s03e12 The Toaster
s04e11 The Christmas Picture
205e11 Christmas Present
s06e12 Season's Greetings
s07e11 The Thought That Counts
s08e10 Jazz Records
  • Frasier
s01e12 Miracle on Third or Fourth Street
s03e09 Frasier Grinch
s05e09 Perspectives on Christmas
s06e10 Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz
s07e11 The Fight Before Christmas
s08e08 Mary Christmas
s10e10 We Two Kings
s11e11 High Holidays
  • How I Met Your Mother
s02e11 How Lily Stole Christmas
s04e11 Little Minnesota
s06e12 False Positive
s07e12 Symphony of Illumination
  • The Inbetweeners
s01e06 Xmas Party
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
s06e13 A Very Sunny Christmas
  • The League
s01e05 The Usual Bet
s02e12 Kegel the Elf
  • Malcolm in the Middle
s03e07 Christmas
s05e07 Christmas Trees
s06e06 Hal's Christmas Gift
  • My Name Is Earl
s01e10 White Lie Christmas
s02e09 Born To Be A Gamblin' Man
s03e13 Bad Earl
s04e13 Orphan Earl
  • The Office (U.K.)
s02e07&08 The Christmas Special
  • The Office (U.S.)
s02e10 Christmas Party
s03e10 A Benihana Christmas
s05e11 Moroccan Christmas
s06e13 Secret Santa
s07e11&12 Classy Christmas
s08e10 Christmas Wishes
  • Parks and Recreation
s02e12 Christmas Scandal
s04e10 Citizen Knope
  • Raising Hope
s01e11 Toy Story
s02e10 It's a Hopeful Life
  • Scrubs
s01e11 My Own Personal Jesus
s02e10 My Monster
s04e12 My Best Moment
  • That 70s Show
s01e12 The Best Christmas Ever
s03e09 Hyde's Christmas Rager
s04e12 An Eric Forman Christmas
s06e07 Christmas
s07e11 Winter
  • Ugly Betty
s01e10 Fake Plastic Snow
s02e09 Giving Up The Ghost
s04e09 Be-Shure
  • Wings
s02e11 A Terminal Christmas
s04e10 The Customer's Usually Right
s05e11 Happy Holidays
s06e11 Insanity Claus
s07e10 Twas the Heist Before Christmas
s08e11 All About Christmas Eve
Animated Comedy
  • American Dad
s02e09 The Best Christmas Story Never Told
s03e08 The Most Adequate Christmas Ever
s05e09 Rapture's Delight
s06e08 For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls
  • Family Guy
s03e16 A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas
s09e08&09 Road to the North Pole
  • Futurama
Volume 2 episode 4 Xmas Story
Volume 3 episode 5 A Tale of Two Santas
Volume 5 epusode 13 Holiday Spectacular
  • King of the Hill
s02e11 The Unbearable Blindness of Laying
s03e09 Pretty, Pretty Dresses
s04e10 Hillennium
s05e08 'Twas the Nut Before Christmas
s06e04 The Father, the Son, and J.C.
s08e07 Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane
s09e02 Ms. Wakefield
  • Christmas Time in South Park
(contains 7 episodes)
Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
A Very Crappy Christmas
Red Sleigh Down
It's Christmas in Canada
Woodland Critter Christmas
  • Doctor Who
s02e01 The Christmas Invasion
s03e01 The Runaway Bride
s04e01 Voyage of The Damned
s04e15 The Next Doctor
s06e14 The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe


Anonymous said...

something helpful and original ?? are we sure this post is from taylor??


Anonymous said...

What about the MONK Christmas episodes? Or Psych?

Anonymous said...

Wings S02E11 is not on Netflix to watch instantly :(

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