The Tall Man: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

I went into The Tall Man knowing nothing about it, short of the fact that Jessic Biel was in it, and the cover was kind of creepy. Little did I know that this would end up being one of the more creative horror/thrillers I'd seen in years.

One thing that I can safely say about this movie, is that it kept me guessing until the very end. Most of the time when I'm watching a movie, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on. I can usually follow the beats of the plot line, and kind of at least have an idea of where everything is going on every turn.

For whatever reason, this movie just kept catching me off-guard, and because of that, I'm very confident in recommending this one as a Netflix hidden gem.

Especially considering it's Halloween season, if you're looking for a good scary movie to watch that you haven't seen, this is a great choice!

Click to add it to your Netflix streaming queue here!

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