Mouse Hunt: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

Mouse Hunt is one of my favorite movies from childhood. It's one of those movies that, even today, I can put it in (or in this case, click to watch it) and still laugh at the simple way it's able to be funny in all the ways it needs to be.

Mouse Hunt is one of my favorite comedy movies that's heavily based in physical humor. A lot of the time (all the time?) I'm never really a fan of it. I guess I'm one of those types of people who's kind of cynical on physical humor, because a lot of the time to me it just seems either heavily forced or just too-over-the-top (in all the wrong ways).

But Mouse Hunt hits the spot. I really love everything about this movie, cast, story, and all. It's so fun to me, and I've never found anyone who actually didn't like this movie.

I don't really know how much I can really say about this movie that needs to be said. It's about two guys who find out that they've inherited a house (that happens to be worth quite a lot of money). The only problem is that the house has a mouse. Yeah, that's pretty much the story.

Go into it expecting something silly and fun and that's what you're going to get. Add it to your queue because this is a fantastic comedy that can be watched by just about anybody.

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone else unhappy with the (now missing) ability to select a genre and produce a sortable list? This USED to be an option. Now it is a wall of DVD covers and you have to mouse over each to see if you've rated it or not. They used to have it but took it away. Kind of makes it as useless as Amazon Prime streaming.

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