Rango: Netflix Streaming Surprises

If you're generally not a fan of computer animated films, have no fear, you shouldn't be dissuaded by Rango.

Because Rango, to me, never really felt like a kids movie. Sure, it had all the right elements: computer animation, cartoony characters, a backdrop of outrageous proportions, but to be honest, the tone never really feels childish in any way throughout the film.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that this isn't a kids movie at all, and I'm not entirely sure if kids would even enjoy the movie.

The movie is basically a western done in the animated realm, with Johnny Depp voicing the main character playing homage to all sorts of previous films. The design and scope of the plot is also a little more complicated than a general children's film, and the action itself is a little outside the boundaries of what you'd expect from a film that 'looks' like this.

The animation is simply fantastic, to say the least. It's unsurprising how much credit the animation studio of this film has received for really embarking on a quest to make this film look amazing.

I'm curious as to what other people thought of this movie, as it really is kind of a film that I'd expect to have a lot of polarized reactions to, basically depending on the type of expectations you had for it going into the film. Leave a comment if you've seen it, and let me know what you think of it.

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

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