Best Worst Movie: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

Awhile back we recommended a ridiculously bad movie called "Troll 2." It's the kind of movie you watch because it's just so bad that it's good. The movie has developed an entire cult-following because of its horribleness, and the cult following has created a strange (strangely awesome) celebratory vibe for whenever the movie is discussed in public among Troll 2 fans.

The movie we're recommending today documents that cult following, which just so happens to be done by one of the kids from Troll 2. It's fun to watch as he catches up with the entire cast of the film, recollecting and recreating scenes that were supposed to be serious - but ended up being so funny in the end.

It's amusing to see how big of a joke they pretty much all realize the movie is now, and it's even more funny that the director of the movie is the only one who doesn't get it. He still thinks the movie is a monumental work of art.

That's part of the hilarity of this movie, but it's fascinating to see the overall happiness that a movie like Troll 2 can bring so many people. Watch this movie if you've ever seen Troll 2 for sure, but also if you're ever so curious as to what a REAL cult-following to a movie looks like. It's fun!

Click to watch the movie on Netflix here!

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Anonymous said...

this is a very good film. if you like troll 2 or bad movies at all, you should check this one out.

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