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If you're alive and breathing, chances are you've seen Star Wars. If you're a certain age, there was a time when you lived for many, many years with only the original trilogy, which many consider to be flawless in nature. But then George Lucas started doing things without a leash.

This movie documents the decades-long battle between George Lucas and his fans, a battle of which seems to have started once George Lucas began going back to the original trilogy and making larger and larger changes to things that nobody felt needed changing.

But then the tinkering went further and further, to a point where actual character backgrounds were being manipulated, to a point in design where the director wanted the character to be, while conversely making audiences everywhere upset by watering down what they previously loved.

And then the new trilogy came out, and the entire storm that had been brewing for awhile came to full fruition, and a level of hatred seemed to erupt from the Star Wars masses.

This movie isn't an incredibly serious documentary, but rather a fun and almost cathartic viewing experience, wherein if you're frustrated with George Lucas, you can watch this and experience what millions of other Star Wars fans experience.

Even though I grew up watching the Star Wars movies, admittedly, I'm no expert and I'm not the biggest fan. This movie was still a fun movie to watch, because I know people who ARE big fans, and I've heard them speak of this type of thing all the time.

Also, I hate Episodes I-III.

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Anonymous said...

taylor, congrats on finding an actual surprise.

this is a good film, not great, and kind of repetitive, but must see TV for any Indiana Jones or Star Wars fans.


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