Drive - Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Drive should have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I think it's that good.

I went into Drive not really knowing too much about it. I knew that it had Ryan Gosling in it, and that it featured Albert Brooks in a "serious" role.

The thing that you recognize very quickly while watching this film is the tone and pacing. Almost immediately, you're introduced to a high level of stress and tension, accompanied by a level of understanding that this is the kind of film that shouldn't be watched by someone with a really short attention span.

There is a lot of patience and waiting needed to watch this movie simply because there is very little talking. There IS talking (it's not like a silent film or anything) but much of the storytelling is done by lighting and colors. It's hard to really explain without seeing it, but it's done in a way that makes everyday situations feel almost more normal than any movie I've seen. Things in real life ARE awkward.

The movie plays off like it's something out of the 80s. I love the style of the film, and immediately after watching I rated the movie 5 stars on my Netflix account. Hopefully you enjoy this movie as much as I did. Add it to your Netflix streaming queue!


Anonymous said...

at this point i have no choice but to think that your "surprises" blog is a blatant attempt to troll me by posting Oscar nominated movies starring the hottest actor in show business, and calling it a "surprise"


Anonymous said...


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