Everything Must Go: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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A lot of people assume that if Will Ferrell is in a movie, he's gong to be playing his go-to silly character that you're accustomed to seeing in movies. Anyone who's ever seen Stranger than Fiction knows, though, that Will Ferrell has an incredible amount of range when it comes to actually acting. Everything Must Go is another example in which Ferrell demonstrates that he can't always be boxed into the same typecasting we've grown used to.

Everything Must Go is not a comedy. That being said, it's based in a form of truth that you can really connect to on a deep level, as long as you go into it not expecting to be laughing like you would at a typical Will Ferrell film.

In 'Everything Must Go,' Will Ferrell plays a relapsing alcoholic who has decided to live in his front yard. That's pretty much the entire plot of the movie. He's there, and there's an almost nihilistic tone to the theme. There's obviously growth as conflict arises, and therein we find the real depth of the movie.

If you're willing to be open-minded to seeing Will Ferrell break the mold and NOT play a crazy character, I absolutely recommend you give this movie a shot. Add it to your queue!

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