Religulous: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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If you have a sense of humor and are constantly on the path to find truth, Religulous is the kind of movie you're going to be pretty fond of.

This movie (I guess it's technically a documentary?) shows Bill Maher as he travels the world to converse with people from all sorts of religions. In these conversations, he asks very simple questions, to which the religious people all seem to have similar responses to - and we begin to see that they don't even truly believe what they believe.

What that is to say, is that almost nobody he talks to has a fundamentalist approach to everything they believe in and practice (although he does talk to some fundamentalists).

Anyway, it's interesting to see him provoke thought in people and crazy to see how far some people around the globe are willing to go in order to stay religious. You'll see what I mean when you watch - there are plenty of loopholes that people are constantly trying to find in order to bend the rules of their own religions.

Maher does a good job of not being too judgmental when things get a little too absurd sometimes, and it's fun to see him spread his idea (being that, 'doubt' is a good thing) to people who don't seem to be very used to the idea.

Check this out if you're open and willing to new ideas, introduced in a very comfortable and laughable manner. This isn't the most hard-hitting documentary in the world, but it's simply more of a means to watch Bill Maher go around and have fun with people who think very differently than he does.


Anonymous said...

watched it yesterday. it dissapointed me.

JCL said...

This review is more appropriate. Bill Maher is a wit, but he doesn't pull it off well in this show.

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