Grizzly Man: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I first heard of this movie while listening to Joe Rogan's podcast. He spoke about the film, describing the essential absurdity of it. It's a movie about an unstable man, who decides to live with grizzly bears. Because they need saving.

Oh, but don't forget that the grizzly bears are in a protected park, and that exposing them to human contact only prevents them from being afraid of humans. By feeling safe around humans, they're more likely to be around them.

The man who's the star of the film is a very sad man. Some might find his situation amusing, but I found it to be pathetic, in a very sad way. I felt sorry for him, in the sense that he felt so unattached to anything in the real world, that he allowed himself to be completely consumed by the illusion of "harmony" of the grizzly bears' lifestyle.

The problem is that grizzly bears are mean. They're wild animals, and like wild animals, they're starving a majority of the time.

The videographer is eaten by grizzly bears, and the horrific sound of it was actually captured on film. The lens cap was on at the time, but you can hear the audio of him being eaten for approximately six whole, very long, minutes. Thankfully, we aren't allowed to hear this, because I can only imagine it disturbing people like myself to the core of my being.

His being eaten is the driving purpose to this documentary, as we get to learn about who Timonthy Tredwell was, and what his life and death is perceived as.

It's amazing to me while watching this, to see the amazing footage he was allowed to capture. You truly do feel the pain and suffering he feels as he witnesses the light and dark of the wilderness lifestyle. Living this lifestyle meant inevitable death, and one can only live to ponder what his true motivations possibly were.

The moral of the story that I perceived was simple: There are boundaries that separate us from the wild. We're not supposed to be able to cross that boundary, because it's not a world we can ever truly be a part of.


Anonymous said...

this review has spoilers of a movie that is most certainly not a surprise. wernor herzog is as big as they come w/ documentaries

Jay V said...

I remember people making fun of the guy in the movie, whic led me to rent this when it was only on Netflix DVD. It was at once tragic and absurd. It broke my heart hearing him die, even though I knew (from my perspective) that it was all his own undoing.

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