Dante's Peak: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I remember when Dante's Peak first came out, it seems like it was about the same time as another movie, Volcano, and they both had to do with a lava attack on the people. (Did you like that joke?)

The thing is, Dante's Peak is miles better in terms of quality. It's not cheesy like its counterpart, and actually has a legitimate story.

Dante's Peak stars Pierce Brosnan as a "vulcanologist" (yes, apparently that really is a word) who's examining a volcano's sudden rise in activity. Nothing is really expected to be wrong (of course) but after awhile, and much drama, things DO in fact go wrong.

I like this film a lot. I like that it's fast-paced and doesn't rely on cheap jokes to make the action watchable and exciting. It goes along and actually (in my admittedly naive opinion) demonstrate how a city would react if suddenly taken aback by a volcano erupting next door.

Add it to your queue if you like adventure movies, and especially if you're a Pierce Brosnan fan. This movie definitely has a lot of Brosnan acting very Brosnan-y.


eyeontheparanormal said...

the only surprise is that netflix is not providing better viewing choices notice how netflix is no longer pushing streaming is the end near and that end is called comcast

Anonymous said...

The comment above mine is just as wacky and delusional as their website.

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