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I love the Muppets. I grew up with them and still love them.

There's something that just makes me happy when thinking about the fact that there are these characters that we see on the screen all the time, knowing full well that there are people with hands in them, and we consider them to be... well, people.

Elmo, to me and you, is a person. We know the personality, we know the voice, we know the way he goes about his way. But there's a person inside him, and this documentary allows us to get to know him.

Being Elmo is fascinating because not only does it delve into the history of Kevin Clash, but it shows what it takes to make the world's children happy. We see how Kevin Clash has devoted all his time and energy in his life to making millions of children smile, and we also get insight into the toll it takes on him.

Watch this documentary if you're in the mood to feel uplifted and inspired. Kevin Clash is a great human being and I'm so glad to have finally gotten to see who he is. This is one of my favorite documentaries I've ever seen.

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monica said...

this movie had be laughing and crying. overwhelmingly amazing. i love the muppets and sesame street but never really was a fan of elmo until this movie!!!! pure beauty.

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