Workaholics: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Workaholics came on after South Park on Comedy Central one day when I was watching, and seeing it, I thought it was just easy, stupid humor. I immediately wasn't interested, because I'm just not a fan of what (I'm pretty sure I'm getting this right) some have dubbed "alternative humor."

I've always felt like there are some weirdness factors that are just easy ways out of sticky drama situations in comedies, and it makes the writing actually worse because of it. I feel you probably know some of those "weird" comedies I'm talking about.

Anyway, I was completely wrong about Workaholics. Each episode is a well-crafted plot, with the full story usually being positioned in such a way that makes it worth watching every minute, in case you miss something amazing on the way.

I've heard it compared quite a bit at this point to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I'd say is a pretty accurate comparison. There's a similar level of naivete and nihilism, minus the darkness of Always Sunny. To this point, Workaholics seems almost just like a brighter version. (Don't get me wrong, Always Sunny is my favorite comedy currently on TV).

Check this show out, there's a good chunk of episodes available that are definitely worth watching and will make you laugh. Add it to your queue!

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Sam said...

Your post about Workaholics is about a week overdue. It came on to instant Monday of last week and I was done with the episodes available by Wednesday. I would agree that the show is all of the things you said but I have been watching almost all the netflix instant tv shows and this one is one of the best comedies on here.

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