The Next Three Days: Netflix Surprises

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I've come to realize that Russell Crowe movies can be pretty hit or miss. There are some that I love (ie Gladiator) and some that I have no interest in even checking out because I assume they're going to be long, drawn-out, watered versions of Gladiator (ie Robin Hood).

This falls into the "Wow, I'm surprised how much I liked that Russell Crowe film" surprise category, as, before I watched it, I wasn't expecting much. Little did I realize, this would be a genuinely fun and exciting prison-break style movie, that really kept me on the edge of my seat.

One of the fun things about prison-break or heist movies is the fact that you're never really able to be able to guess what's going to happen next, and therefore the level of stress in the movie is (supposed to be) pretty high. I had a bit of stress watching this film, and therefore I know they were doing something right.

The runtime of 133 minutes seemed a bit long at some parts, but, like all movies in this category of film, the climax makes it all worth watching. Let me know what you guys thought of the movie, and if you felt like the payoff was worth it as well.


Jonathan said...

Bad link to Next Three Days on Netflix! But I added it to my queue nonetheless

Pageantmom ky said...

Can you tell me why I can no longer find this movie on netflix. I watched it but did not add it to my list now I cant find it. Any helpful hints

Bears_Monkey said...

I can't find this movie on Canadian Netflix although the website says it should be there!

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