American: The Bill Hicks Story: Netflix Surprises

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I'm going to be honest, before I'd seen this documentary, the extent of my knowledge of who or what Bill Hicks was about was from that one Tool album. Tool had a track on one of their albums where they played a bit from Bill Hicks, played to the typical Tool sound, and it sounded angry and raw. It intrigued me for a long time, but for whatever reason I never seeked out any of his material until now.

I saw that the Bill Hicks documentary "American" had become available on Netflix Streaming, so I gave it a shot. It's phenomenal.

Bill Hicks died at the age of 32. This is the story of how his career (which started at the age of 16) of standup comedy started off slow, and then right when he was about to explode, 'the biggest joke of all' was played on him, and he wasn't able to become everything that everyone knew he could be.

A lot of people view Bill Hicks as an angry man, and this movie really does address that viewpoint, by showing that he wasn't a two-dimensional person. He was a very complicated man, and throughout his entire life he really was coming to find wisdom through his own methodology. He experimented and experienced all sorts of things, which led him to have a very distinct and defined viewpoint of the world, of which more people need to hear.

Check it out, the animations of the pictures that are on the screen while people are telling tales of his childhood are cool enough alone to make this one of the types of docs that really do the person justice.


Anonymous said...

dennis leary came out with a copy of this movie 2 weeks later.


Jon Gill said...

^ I wish there was a like button! :P

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