Stephen Fry in America: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I didn't know who Stephen Fry was until recently, but now that I know who he is, it's crazy that I haven't read and watched everything he's ever written.

I remember the first time I really sat down to listen to his speaking when I came across a YouTube video of him on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, wherein, Ferguson had him on the show and decided that it would be better for everyone involved if there was no audience during the filming. Because of this, the conversation was able to be a lot more coherent and serious in tone than it would be with a studio audience. (See part 1 of it, here.)

Anyway, after I watched that, I was astonished at how I hadn't heard about him before, because I really do love hearing very intellectual people speak their minds in a structured and logical manner. Needless to say, I really respected him thereafter.

Seeing his opinions on America sounded like a good time, and the fact that he was going to travel across every single state and experience every different culture sounded like a hilariously good time. So yeah, I watched, and yeah, it's awesome.

It's really fun to see Stephen Fry experience all these different things in different states in such a quirky manner. He really is curious in an infantile type of mindset, which makes it really fun and funny.

Add it to your queue if you're interested in Stephen Fry and/or the idea of seeing the sights and cultures of all the different states. This is the first "See all the 50 states" type of documentary-thing I've ever watched, and I assume this is probably the best I'll ever see.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered this on Netflix last weekend, and enjoyed it very much. As an American, I was interested to see a very (very, very) intelligent foreign perspective on America, and I wasn't disappointed. He didn't go in for (too many) of the obvious cliches, and instead tried to make each state he visited seem like a distinct and real place.

Great recommendation!

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted and amazed! I knew of Stephen Fry from his appearances on Bones and as a guest on the Graham Norton show on BBC. However, I'm bowled over by his commentaries and activities in this offering on Netflix. I've just completed the second episode. So far I've suffered breathing problems while he was below ground in a coal mine, upset stomach while he viewed human remains in the body farm (?), and severe fear of heights when he rode in the hot-air balloon. Eagerly anticipating the remaining 4 episodes.

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