Mallrats: Netflix Surprises

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Even though Kevin Smith has kind of "dropped off" in terms of quality in films lately, there was a time in which he was making a series of View Askew movies, all similar in tone and containing mostly the same character set. Or actually, maybe just Jay and Silent Bob, with reoccurring actors.

Mallrats was one of those "Kevin Smith early films" that made him so famous. Not because it was even all that good, but because it was unique in terms of being a low-budget, honest, witty comedy. I mean, there's nothing particularly amazingly hysterical about this movie, but it's easy and fun to watch, and it's always funny to watch the sharp dialogue that Kevin Smith is able to write.

I'm making this movie sound boring, which it definitely is not. It's just, a Kevin Smith movie. It's kind of hard to describe without being a big Kevin Smith fan, but there are aspects about his movies that are just uniquely enjoyable for the sheer ability to be shockingly realistic.

Although this Kevin Smith movie bombed in the box office, it's known as one of the great hidden gems of the View Askewniverse. If you enjoy Jay and Silent Bob, you're going to enjoy this movie. If you enjoy watching Ben Affleck be a dick, you're going to enjoy this movie. If you enjoy comedies that aren't cheap and obviously took time to write and conjure up realism, you're going to enjoy this movie.

Add it to your queue and let me know what you think of this movie.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what an amazing surprise!

thanks for turning me onto this ben affleck character. i'll make sure to check out any of his other surprise secret films!

PS - This kevin smith isnt bad either!


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