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I've been a big fan of David Fincher ever since I can remember. Two of my absolute favorite movies of all time are Fight Club and Se7en, of which he directed both. There's something about the way he's able to make the dark and depressing so outstandingly memorable to me, and everything he touches (generally) turns to gold. Or at least is somewhat good, you know...

Anyway, this film was directed by David Fincher, and it really does have that "David Fincher" feel. There's a very dark aspect to the film, and if you know anything about me and my taste of movies, you know I really do appreciate it when a movie can keep its scenery to a minimum and allow the acting to flourish. This is definitely that type of a movie, as the main characters are forced to protect themselves within a "panic room" (hence the movie title, see!) the entire film while people attempt to break into their home.

It's a fun movie, and cool to see how David Fincher is able to make a home feel so large in scope. There's just something about the way in which he tones things that makes the smallest scene feel immeasurably huge in your head.

So yeah, I enjoyed this movie, but apparently I might just be a big David Fincher fanboy. If you're a fan of his work, or enjoy the acting of Jodie Foster, you'll very likely enjoy this film. Add it to your queue if you're interested in a good thriller!

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