Limitless: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I went into watching this movie with a lot of hesitation. I mean, it's a movie about a guy who takes a pill to become "smarter." That doesn't really, to me at least, sound like the best plot line in the world.

Crazily enough, the movie really does work. Aside from sorta/kinda being a big, long advertisement for ADD medication (har har), the movie is an exciting ride that makes sense as long as you don't think too hard about it.

What I mean to say is, this is a movie about a guy who takes a pill to become smarter (ie being able to immediately remember everything he's ever learned immediately). How seriously are you supposed to take a movie with that as the plot?

I don't feel like I'm really going anywhere with this summary so far, and I guess that's what I do best.

Anyway, the movie is a thriller, and it's the kind of movie that you watch and enjoy living vicariously though the life of the main character. Suspension of disbelief is a lot easier than I originally expected, and because of that, it's entirely enjoyable and worth watching at least once. I plan on watching it again now that it's been brought to Netflix streaming, and I'm sure there are many others who are also in my same boat.

Add it to your queue if you're in the kind of mood to watch a fun and exciting thriller, that doesn't take itself too seriously and has a great level of watch-ability.

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Anonymous said...

eh, its not that good. would have made a better tv series.


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