Leap of Faith: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I sometimes really wish I would have been able to grow up a few years earlier. There are certain comedians that came to major popularity before I was able to really be old enough to enjoy and fully grasp their awesomeness, and one of those is Steve Martin.

Steve Martin is the main character in this movie, playing a preacher who, very obviously, is a conman doing this work as a way to make easy cash.

What's really fun to me is to see the means in which someone, when running one of these Evangelical preacher events as seen in the movie, is able to con their way into making a lot of money from tricking the audience into thinking that they are really able to communicate with God.

It's all really basic stuff in terms of the con-artistry stuff, but it's fun to see how a team would have to work together to do it. Compound this with the obviously funny Steve Martin and you have a really whacky type of film that's funny and easy to watch. I really enjoyed this whole aspect of the film, and thought the story worked well to go along with it.

Add it to your queue if you're really a fan of Steve Martin!

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