The Last Exorcism: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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Last week, I was doing everything in my might to watch as many scary movies during the month of October as physically possible. In the last few days of the month, I managed to watch this movie, even though I wasn't extremely excited about it.

The thing is, I'm really getting sick of the whole "faux-documentary" thing that's so popular in modern horror films. I'm especially sick of the very bad quality footage that always comes with these films (see: Paranormal Activity, etc.) The whole "we're holding a camera and maybe this is REAL!?" thing is getting pretty old now.

All that being said, this film absolutely stands out to me. The quality is superb (it's supposed to be a 'real' documentary, not just some stupid family footage that was 'found' at a later time) so they use good cameras with good lighting and a whole fake crew.

The movie is about an exorcist who's a fraud, and he knows it. He goes about his day being a preacher, and he's all but lost his faith in what he's doing. He's going through the processes, but when it comes down to it, he's even found that exorcism is too irresponsible of a thing to 'sell' to people who are actually in need of real therapy.

The documentary is of his last exorcism, in which he goes about showing the ways in which he gets the person he's exorcising to believe they are really being exercised. It's really fun.

Please watch this movie! I guarantee that if you're a fan of this genre at all, you're going to get a lot out of this movie. And without saying too much, this movie is very, very scary in some parts. I'm very glad I watched this film, and I plan to watch it again in the future.

Add it to your queue!

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CoulJa said...

Agreed. Found this gem on Halloween night and it was definitely the perfect choice to go along with Trick R' Treat. Great buildup and an even better twist at the end.

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