Insidious: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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This is one scary movie that's new to the horror film scene that I've very rarely heard of anyone watching and not saying they got at least a little scared.

Insidious is a great horror film. It has a lot of elements that make a great scary movie, and it executes them very properly. The thing that makes it so scary is not that it resorts to any cheap tactics, but that it very successfully goes through the process of creeping you the eff out.

Although, I seem to find myself to be more afraid of the ghost/demon/whatever type of movies compared to the murderer type stuff. I think I've found myself to be more afraid of the "unknown" in that regard than the concept of just a crazy guy that can (and should) be stopped, God-willing someone manages to ever learn how to use a gun properly.

Anyway, I watched Insidious this past month, and I very thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that it's only PG-13 makes it available to a very large base of viewers, so if you're looking for a very scary movie to watch with the entire family, this might actually be one of the best bets you have in all of Netflix Streaming. That's not to say that your little kids should be watching something like this, because, as if I haven't made myself very clear by this point: This movie is really scary.

Go add it to your queue if this sounds like something you're interested in. If you're not interested, you're probably not a fan of scary movies. If you are a fan of scary movies, then why haven't you watched this movie yet!?

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