Downfall: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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If you're a fan of studying the history of World War II in the slightest, you'll probably want to seek out watching Downfall asap.

The movie is a very inside look of what very likely went on in the last few hours before Hitler's death. The movie takes place primarily in a bunker under the ground, as Hitler and those close to him begin to realize that they're about to lose the war.

You've probably seen a certain scene from this movie parodied a thousand times by now, and as you watch this movie, you'll realize quickly which scene I'm talking about...

But anyways, it's cool to see Hitler portrayed in this way. It's sobering to see this side, that we're not very often able to see, portrayed in this manner. The movie itself shows the distinct emotions felt by a group of people who know that their lives are very close to coming to an end. There is a very strong feeling of fear and helplessness conveyed by the actors in this film, and it's crazy to almost want to feel sorry for the characters at some points.

If you're a WWII geek, you'll get a lot out of this film. But if you're not, you might want to pass. It really is something that you'll only really enjoy if you have a large amount of background knowledge on World War II.

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