The Perfect Host: Netflix Streaming Hidden Gems

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If you're looking for a hidden gem of a horror/thriller to watch, look no further than The Perfect Host. David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier) is absolutely excellent in his role as 'the perfect host' in this film about a man on the run from the law.

The movie is about a man who was just involved in a crime, and he cons his way into David Hyde Pierce's house, leading to immeasurable amounts of tensity.

I'm keeping this incredibly vague because I went into it not knowing anything about the movie, and that made it so much better to watch. There are a ton of plot turns and so forth (which might seem odd, considering the primary setting is David Hyde Pierce's home in the film) but nonetheless, it's an exciting, outside-the-box film that kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Very rarely am I introduced to a movie that really kept me guessing until the very end, and this is one of those movies.

Add it to your queue if you're in the mood for something fun to watch, and you have an inkling to watch something on the horror and/or thriller side of things!

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