Paranormal Activity: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Many, many of you have heard of the Paranormal Activity phenomenon by now, especially with the huge success of the following sequels (prequels?) that followed this film up. Needless to say that they have become the current generation of "scary movie series" within our culture (I assume the previous was the Saw series, right?

But when I watched this movie, it hadn't yet become the outstanding success that it's known for today. I remember watching this movie when it wasn't very well known, and a lot of [dumb] people still thought that it might actually be real. (Is this where I take out and put on my hipster sunglasses?)

I don't mean to kill the mood for anyone, but if you still think any of these fake-camera movies are real, you have some major growing up to do. And/or maybe you need to get outside and see more movies. Or like, turn on the Internet once in your life.

Anyway, this movie was great. I remember watching and loving The Blair Witch Project when I was younger and it first had come out, and this has a very similar style and nature to it. I recently watched the sequel to this film (which is ALSO currently on Netflix Instant) and it simply didn't measure up to this original.

I have yet to see the third act in the series, but from what I hear, it's actually pretty good, and gives what (is assumed) to be a good closure to the story begun in this film. If you haven't yet been able to experience this movie, you should add it to your queue and watch it before Halloween season is over! You're actually beginning to run out of time at this point so get started.

But when you do watch this movie, make sure you watch it with the lights off.

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