Halloween Episodes on Netflix Streaming

I found out that user Roller_Ball on reddit posted the following list of Halloween episodes available on Netflix Instant. I'm sure there are plenty more than this, but this is still a super great list for people who are interested in finding Halloween episodes to watch. (Sorry if the formatting is a little weird on this post). 

Married ...With Children S8 Ep 7- “Take my Wife, Please”
Cheers S10 Ep 20- “Beer Wars V-Final Judgement”
South Park Spootakular (all collected in on place)
Fear Itself S1 Ep13- The Circle
The Super Mario Bros Show Ep 14 “Count Koopa”
Invader Zim Ep 14- “Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom”
Fat Albert's Halloween Special
S2 Ep 7- BOO!
S3 Ep 7- Trick  or Treat
S4 Ep 6- Trick  Me Up, Trick Me Down
S5 Ep 7- Halloween IV
S6 Ep 7- Halloween V
S7 Ep 6- Skeleton in the Closet
S8 Ep 7- Halloween: The Final Chapter
King of the Hill- S2 Ep 4-Hilloween
Ugly Americans S1 Ep 12-Hell for the Holidays
Hey Arnold! - S4 Ep14 -The Headless Cabbie/ Friday the 13th (It's not too Halloween related)
Casper & Friends Ep 8 part 1-To Boo or Not To Boo
Scrubs S2 Ep 6- My Big Brother
Malcom in the Middle 
S2 Ep2-Halloween Approximately s7 Ep4- Halloween
Dead Like Me S2 Ep 15-Haunted
Reaper S1 Ep6-Leon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer  
S2 Ep 6-Halloween S4 Ep 4-Fear, Itself S6 Ep 6- All the Way
Angel S5 Ep 5 – Life of the Party
Yo Gabba Gabba S1 Ep 10-Halloween
Sponge Bob Square Pants S1 Ep 12 Pt 1-Scaredy Pants
S9 Ep 6- Room Full of Heroes
S10 Ep 5- Tales from the Crypt
Raising Hope- S1 Ep5-Happy Halloween
The Office
S2 Ep5-Halloween
S5 Ep6-Eployee Transfer
S7 Ep6-Costume Contest
Parks and Recreation S2 Ep7-Greg Pikitis
Desperate Housewives
S4 Ep6-Now I Know, Don't Be Scared
S7 Ep 6-Excited and Scared
That 70's Show
S2 Ep5-Halloween
S3 Ep4-"Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die"  
Bones S3 Ep5-Mummy in the Maze
Monk S4 Ep2-Mr Monk Goes Home Again
Vampire Diaries
S1 Ep 7-Haunted
S2 Ep 7-Masquerade
Parenthood (2010) S2 Ep6- Orange Alert
Home Movies S4 Ep13- Coffins and Cradles
Addams Family Vol 2 Ep 19 – Halloween, Addams Style
My So-Called Life S1 Ep9 -Halloween
Ugly Betty- S1 Ep5 – The Lying, The Watch, and the Wardrobe
The Cosby Show
S2 Ep6-Halloween
S4 Ep4-Cliff's Mistake
Millennium, S2 Ep 6 "The Curse of Frank Black"
3rd Rock from the Sun: 3.5 Scaredy Dick
MacGyver: 5.6 Halloween Nights
NewsRadio: 3.5 Halloween
Numb3rs: 6.6 Dreamland
Wings: 8.6 The Gift of Life
30 Rock S2 Ep2- Jack in the Game
Hey Arnold! S2 Ep20 Arnold's Halloween
Rocko's Modern Life S3 Ep3 Pt1 "Sugar Frosted Frights"
Aaah!!! Real Monsters S1 Ep1 "The Switching Hour"
Quantum Leap S3 Ep5 - The Boogieman

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