"Dear World" Graphic

This "Dear World" photoshopped graphic has been floating around. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Yup, and we went from a $10 Netflix service to a $16 Netflix service overnight. Sounds like they've fallen for the same thinking of the old video rental stores; we're just walking wallets.

Josh said...

Rent a movie and then return it a day late and you've already paid for a monthly Netflix DVD only subscription.

Go away and quit whining.

Anonymous said...


You can live in your devoted fan bubble. But you must realize that Neflix isn't the same company anymore.

They've shown such a careless attitude toward customers this year. They take our subscriptions for granted.

I still subscribe, but because of their moves I only subscribe to streaming, and my queue is running low. Once it's cleared out I'll probably cancel.

Perhaps you need to stop being a Netflix lemming, open your eyes, and realize that this company is doing so much self-inflicted damage that's it is comical.

And if you want to somehow tell me that I need to stop whining I have one word for you:


Anonymous said...

I don't think people who complain about Netflix are saying it isn't an improvement over driving to the video store. They're saying that Netflix is not as good as Netflix used to be. Specifically, it is more expensive than it used to be and its web site is not as good as it used to be. This graphic seems to deliberately miss the point.

Anonymous said...

Guess the person that made this has never been to a local video store (google Movie Madness) Netflix doesn't carry everything. I keep the streaming for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I really like Netflix - but after 2 years: shows (network and cable) are better than they were; movies are no better for quality and when released; customer service may be friendly and understanding - but cannot seem to fix simple things like a person's queue repeatedly reordering itself. All-in-all - I would have to say Netflix has gotten worse (oh, and the price increases, too).

Anonymous said...

If you followed business news at all you would know that Netflix cancelled the Qwikster. Not saying that they are perfect, no company who answers to shareholders is, but at least they listened.

Anonymous said...

damn cry babies for the damn service next day delivery thousands of great instant movies available pretty much everywhere you spend the just streaming instantly price on extra value menu at mcdonnalds!@

Anonymous said...

Yes, we realize that they've canceled Qwikster.

But the point is that they tried to do it in the first place. If they got any customer feedback at all they would have known it was a terrible idea to separate the two services. Netflix was the one "whining" about it. "Whine! It's too hard to keep the services integrated even though it gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. Whine!"

So here's a recap of what happened:

1) Netflix has millions of customers that enjoy their subscription that includes DVD's and steaming.

2) Netflix decides to, all at once, increase prices by 60% overnight while providing little explanation or any benefit.

3) Shortly after increasing prices by 60% overnight, Netflix again, with little explanation, announces that instead of having one easy to manage website, that there will be two. This would create a situation where everytime someone wanted to watch a movie they would have to:

a) Check Netflix to see if it streams. If not on streaming,
b) Check Qwikster to see if the title is available via DVD

So not only did Netflix increase prices, but they intended to make the service worse and harder to use.

Yes, they reversed their decision but only after people spoke with their dollars and left in large numbers.

Netflix doesn't care about their customers anymore. They don't respect them. Netflix cares about the almighty dollar, and that's what is driving their decisions.

Yes, I realize they're a business that wants to make money, but if you unnecessarily alienate your customers you run the risk of watching them walk away.

Anonymous said...

I think the customer service reps do care about their customers. however, they are not engineers, marketing reps, or executives. There is only so much they can do on some issues other than pass information forward.
Don't get me wrong - I'm certain Netflix has taken some wrong turns. But, being a customer who has called several times over the years, I have yet to be met with anything other than enthusiasm and effort from their phone reps.
So, to say Netflix doesn't care would be to say these employees do not care. CSR's are often the heart of a company.
Being said, that doesn't mean Reed Hastings values us as much as they do.

Oliver Ortega Chua said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree that Netflix has made some major mistakes lately but I do understand why they have to raise prices. The content providers are asking more and more for their content. Starz, which arguably made Netflix streaming valuable, was obtained at a bargain price of $30 million/year. Now, they won't even renew at $300 million/year.


I think their biggest mistake was raising the prices too quickly.

Also, it wasn't too long ago that you could get an unlimited wireless phone voice and data plan for $30/month. Now, it's more like $70/month!

Anonymous said...

oliverchua - very good comments.

Anonymous said...

Netflix didn't change their prices overnight. They gave almost 3 months notice that they were changing their prices. They did this so they can get more content because the studios are greedy and demand way too much money for streaming content. Quit whining that something that used to be free can't be anymore.

They nixed the qwikster idea because hundreds of thousands of customers blogged, called, and emailed that it was a bad idea. Netflix listened.

The price change needed to happen. And $16/month is a bargain for what you get.

What? said...

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of worry from Netflix regarding changes in prices of their stocks.

Has Netflix forgotten what it was like 9 years ago?

Thanks to its customers Netflix stock has gone from less than $5 per share to around $300 and then back down to...ouch, today its under $120 after just a few months.

Not to mention they've pioneered "unlimited" service throttling, setting the trend that most companies now follow.

They've managed to do this even though they raised prices, changed or removed popular website features and decreased service options and disc acquisition while steadfastly ignoring suggestions and complaints from their customers.

So please, the next time Reed feels like freaking out about the way the Netflix stock price has dropped, he should try to consider how much crap he's pulled on his customers and biggest fans.

Anonymous said...

@What? said...
Could you explain, in regard to Netflix, what you mean by "pioneered 'unlimited' service throttling"?
Thank you

What? said...




carol anne said...

Well with an official loss of 800,000 subscribers I'm going to go ahead and say that the huge price hike (in this economy) and resulting nonsense was some bad business.


In recent weeks I've had 2 bad DVDs, one of which got caught in my laptop. I got an e-mail reply saying blah, blah, blah, we don't answer customer service e-mails as this acct. (there is no customer service e-mail to be found)

I don't know but with 800,000 subscribers gone they might want to start treating the remaining folks a little better. I switched my acct. to streaming only and if Amazon Prime turns out to be just as good I'm done with Netflix.

They may have been better than Blockbuster but there's the thing, you can't just be better than the other option. You've got to be great or people will decide how much better is worth to them.

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