Conan O'Brien Can't Stop: Netflix Streaming Hidden Gem Surprises

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Back in the day (has enough time past to really refer to it as 'the day?') when Conan and Leno were duking it out for who would get to actually hold The Tonight Show (at its regular time slot)I was absolutely on Team Coco.

I was sad and angry over the entire ordeal, knowing that Conan O'Brien deserved respect, but simply wasn't getting any. Yes, he'd been given The Tonight Show and everything, but from the outside looking in, it was apparent that NBC was dead set on making it as hard as humanly possible for the show to be successful, long-term.

What I like about this film is that it not only is a massive form of expression by Conan O'Brien over the whole ordeal (a lot of the film is him talking about how he feels; how angry he is over what transpired) but also, I finally get to see what happened on that crazy tour of his!

After he had finished his show, he was disallowed from being on television for six months. He had huge support from a nation-wide (primarily online) fan base, and he wanted to go out and show his appreciate for them (and of course, make money, I guess).

This movie documents the entire experience, and it's very cool to watch if you're someone like me. This is one of those "big" entertainment events that don't happen very often, and being able to watch as it all went down was interesting, but it's even more interesting to see what was happening behind the scenes.

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