Comedians of Comedy: The Movie: Hidden Gem Netflix Surprises

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Awhile back I recommended watching a documentary called "I Am Comic" streaming on Netflix. When I was watching that, I think I really wanted to watch Comedians of Comedy, because it's a lot more fun when I know the people at and.

The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie follows Patton Oswalt (from "The King of Queens"), Brian Posehn (you'll know him when you see him), Maria Bamford, and Zach Galifianakis on the Comedians of Comedy Tour.

Of course, the movie shows a lot of clips from each of the comedians' sets on stage, but what I really enjoyed about the film was the behind-the-scenes stuff. I really got into seeing what the goings-on of these comics were when they weren't on stage, and what they were doing to kill the time.

I was actually kind of shocked by how much they stick to their guns when it comes to still being funny off-stage, as well as by how miserable the life of a comedian seems to be.

If you have any interest in standup comedy as an art form whatsoever, this is something you've got to check out. I'm not HUGE into standup comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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