Cancelling Your DVDs? Better decide quick.

I assume you're all Netflix Subscribers, so in case you forgot, you have until September 1st, 2011 to change/cancel your subscription before the new rate hike takes effect (or so that's the word on the street!). Here's a chart depicting the increases:


JoeyG said...

Check your billing date, you have until then to make changes. If you make changes by 9/1 but your next billing date isn't until later in the month you'll just end up getting less than what you've already paid for.

curegirl0421 said...

I have price-hike burnout - seriously this is such a non-issue! At *worst* you're paying 6 bucks a month extra. And that's only if you've been doing 1 DVD at a time. Who does 1 at a time? People who don't really need DVD rental, that's who. If you only do DVDs or streaming, you're actually saving money! Tired of the crabbing about this.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me this was an informative post. Did I miss the crabbing?

Seals said...

Why assume people NEED to change their account? I love Netflix the way it is. It's worth a lot more than a few extra dollars a month.

JoeyG said...

curegirl0421, I do 1 DVD (blu-ray really) at a time, getting through 3-4 a month, don't make generalized statements that dismiss others' choices just because you don't necessarily agree.

In relation to this post, my plan for when the price change takes effect is to put my account on hold and see how things go with Redbox and cable/HBO OnDemand. Since I do only watch about 3-4 discs a month and maybe another 3-4 hours of streaming every month. I doubt I'll miss it.

Users like me are getting the shaft here, casual users who felt that the old prices hit a sweet spot, the new prices simply make it not worth it based on my viewing habits, so I'll likely be dropping it in favor of other a la carte options.

John Mc said...

I'm contemplating going from 3+stream to 2+stream, but that's not set in stone yet. A lot of what I rent isn't streaming, so still need DVDs.

(Truth be known, I'm more disappointed in their blu-ray selection. I figured I'd try blu-ray for a month, only to find all of 11% of movies in my queue are available blu-ray to being with. hmmmm)

Anonymous said...

I'm with JoeyG.

In the beginning, Netflix had a great value proposition going. Then they had to chisel extra $$ out of subscribers for previously-free Blu-Ray discs. The value proposition was still decent enough, and the addition of a free streaming service was a nice reward for the customers.

Then the streaming wasn't free anymore. That service is convenient, but, frankly, most of the streaming content isn't worth paying for. The Netflix would be better off if they'd just cut a deal to put advertising on the streaming flicks, and split the revenue with the studios. Seriously, the streaming content is nearly-worthless, and the studios should just be happy that Netflix provided them with a way to make a little on a back-catalog that had been earning less.

Netflix took the low road; instead of being an advocate for its customers, it simply gave the studios what they wanted, and tried to pass the difference on to the customer.

So, with the latest price increase, I've cut back to the 2-DVD at a time plan, with NO BLU RAY. I'm paying about the same or maybe a bit less to Netflix now than I was originally.

I'm betting that lots of others feel the same, and that's why Netflix has cold feet on sewing-up the Starz renewal. Alas, it may be too late for Netflix...the latest hike was such a fundamental beach of faith with its core early-adopter customer base that it may never regain the lost ground.

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