Rifftrax Still Not on Netflix; on Hulu

This post might come off as a bit sacrilege to the most tried and true Netflix supporters, but awhile back I made a post (click here to see it) regarding the fact that Rifftrax (made by the dudes who made Mystery Science Theater 3000) was not on Netflix Instant.

If you read that, you learn that Rifftrax really wanted to get on streaming, but they weren't able to for whatever reason. Netflix has said that, basically, to get your movie on Netflix Instant, there has to be enough demand, aka enough people have to have placed it in their queue (read my post about it here).

Well, a long time has passed, and still no Rifftrax on Netflix Instant. This is infuriating to me because, obviously, lots of people have placed Rifftrax movies into their queues, so Netflix must have been lying. Along with this, the fact that Netflix has made available such monumentally bad movies (that nobody would ever put in their queue) demonstrates that there doesn't need to be demand in order to put something on Instant.

Well, this is one of the first posts I've ever written that's not directing you to Netflix, but rather Hulu. Yup, that's right, Hulu now has posted some Rifftrax movies for streaming!

So, hopefully Netflix will get the message that Rifftrax has a large amount of support, and they really should give them a chance. As always, add some Rifftrax to your Netflix queue and hopefully we can get the ball rolling!

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Anonymous said...

As much as I love Rifftrax, the titles now streaming on Hulu can hardly be considered their best work.

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