Memento: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Memento is one of those movies that you never really forget the first time you watch it. It's directed by Christopher Nolan (if you don't know him, shame on you) and is good in all the Christopher Nolan-y ways.

The thing that makes this movie so good is the fact that it's genuinely unique. It's one of those movies that, once you finish watching it, you will very likely be up late thinking about what in the hell just happened, having conversations with friends over the major plot twists.

At least, this is what I experience when I watch a movie as complex and well-written as Memento.

The movie is about a character named Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pearce) who suffers from severe short-term memory loss after a injury. He's on a quest to find the person who murdered his wife, but his whole "complete inability to remember anything" thing kind of becomes an obstacle to overcome, and it's really fun to see the creative ways he goes about trying to remind himself things.

Add it to your Netflix streaming Instant Queue if you're interested in watching a thriller that really makes you think. As I've mentioned, it was directed by Christopher Nolan, so that alone should be incentive enough to watch. Just know that once you're finished, you will have thoughts of this movie running through your head for quite a while.


Austin said...

Thanks for mentioning this. A lot of people don't know Chris Nolan directed 'Memento,' but like you shared, this is reason enough. Between the Batman films, 'Inception,' and upcoming films in 2012 and beyond, he's getting better and better at his craft. Other films available to stream on Netflix by Nolan right now include 'Following,' a short b/w film, and 'Insomnia' (Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Hilary Swank). Good stuff!

Taylor said...

Here's a link to Netflix Streaming's "Insomnia" blog post:

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