The Man Who Knew Too Little: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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The Man Who Knew Too Little is one of my favorite movies. I love Bill Murray (he's the man) and I grew up watching this film. It's superbly written, solidly acted, and very funny.

The movie entails Bill Murray traveling to England to visit his busy brother. His brother, stacked with a business meeting the night of Murray's birthday, needs to find a way to get him out of the house.

Advertised earlier in the film is a sort of you-act-in-it, real-life theater, so he quickly decides that that's the best bet. The entire process is set up, and all of a sudden Murray is thrown into a world where he's set to play a role in very complicated theatrics. The problem is, they're not actually theatrics.

A very large mix-up takes place, and all of a sudden he's thrown into a huge mess. But, thinking he's still part of a show, he just goes with it, no matter how crazy the situation gets.

It's a fun and creative movie, and I loved watching it again as I remember this was always a choice of mine whenever I couldn't decide on anything else to watch. If you know Bill Murray, you know he is very picky with the movies he decides to take part in, and this movie is just as lovable as any other Murray movie. Add it to your queue and feel free to watch this one with the family!

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