Top 10 Netflix Horror Films - June 2011

I love horror films, but it saddens me that it seems like Netflix has been slowly but surely minimizing the amount of horror flicks that are currently available for streaming. I checked and some of the really good ones (ie The Orphanage) have, at least for now, disappeared from Watch Instantly. But alas, there are still plenty of other great ones available.

I'm not including Zombieland within this Top 10 List, because although Netflix seems to think it's a horror film, it's very much not a horror film. If anything, it's more of even a comedy than it is a horror film.

But here's the current list of Top 10 Horror flicks available on Netflix streaming!

10. Saw VI
9. ThanksKilling (I had to put it on this list. HAD TO.)
8. Scream 2
7. The Fog
6. Hellraiser
5. The Crazies
4 .Paranormal Activity
3. The House of the Devil
2. Poltergeist
1. The Evil Dead


Dan said...

I don't know if this list is your personal opinion list or if you are saying these are the Top 10 based on some Netflix criteria but there's a lot of current streaming title missing from this list.

Taylor said...

All Top 10 lists posted on are based solely on movies we've seen. If you have good movies to recommend, don't feel shy about mentioning them!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you put ThanksKilling on the list. One of the most hilariously epic movies I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Here are some horror titles on IW: Imprint, human centipede, let the right one in

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