Doodling on Netflix DVD Envelopes

I know that this site is catered towards streaming, but I just discovered something outside the world of Watch Instantly that felt would be worth mentioning here. I figured you guys would get a kick out of it.

According to, There are apparently a host of people that are taking out their pens and doodling all over Netflix DVD envelopes, then sending them back through the mail.

I really like these because not only are they pretty cool to look at, but I enjoy the idea of a mail carrier or Netflix employee taking the Netflix DVD in hand, and it bringing a smile to their face. I wonder if Netflix employees are told to put away anything that looks especially interesting, to put towards a larger collection.

Who knows, maybe Netflix is slowly but surely amassing a large amount of art to put on display on some website sometime soon.

Have you ever doodled on a Netflix DVD envelope?

1 comment:

Montez Hill said...

no but i will be know!

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