Clerks: Netflix Hidden Gems Surprises

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I remember the first time I watched Clerks. I was in high school, and I was hanging out with a group of friends. We walked a mile or so to a video rental store, and picked out Clerks because, as my friend said it, "You've not seen anything like this before" (or something along those lines).

It's true. Granted, I'd not had a very good grasp on the entire notion of "indie movies" in those days, but even with my current "grasp" of indie movies, Clerks really stands out as something different and refreshing when comparing it to the vast amount of redundantly repetitive classic-style movies.

What makes Clerks (and really, every Kevin Smith movie) great is the dialogue. That's what Kevin Smith is known for - writing great dialogue.

It's not that the dialogue is "real" or natural, but it's so fun and crisp that it works on a different kind of level. Similar to the way that Aaron Sorkin writes things, the way the people talk to each other in Clerks seems to rise above the level of what everyday conversation is like, but still be funny enough for you to catch on quickly and think it's incredibly witty, especially from a witty level.

Kevin Smith is an admitted geek, and it's really obvious when you get to the famous Star Wars conversation within this movie, that's still rather burned within my memory.

Granted, this flick is full of extremely derogatory language, so if you're not keen on hearing a lot of disgusting language, I'd absolutely avoid this movie. And we're talking really derogatory language, by the way (it's a Kevin Smith movie).

But, if you've got an open mind and are willing to watch a black and white movie on Netflix streaming, this is an absolutely fantastic way to really understand that a movie doesn't have to be big budget to really be impacting and imaginative. Kevin Smith did this movie with only a few thousand dollars when he was about 24, and it shows. But it also shows in a good way. Just watch it!

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Miss Jessie said...

Love this movie! Such a classic.

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