Chasing Amy: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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I love Kevin Smith movies (well, for the most part, some of his movies are awful) and when he did Chasing Amy, he really was in his prime. He was still young, still enthusiastic, and able to write in a way that wasn’t to sell tickets – but rather to make a work of which he could be proud.

To me, many of Kevin Smith’s latest “achievements” haven’t stacked up to the level of quality that works like Chasing Amy achieved. Meaning , his latest movies have been a load of crap and he used to be good before he sold out to the man… more or less.

Chasing Amy stars Ben Affleck basically playing that “Ben Affleck” character again in this movie, alongside Jason Lee, who both starred in the Kevin Smith movie “Mallrats.” This chemistry works, and although this is a bit more of a serious tone than something like Mallrats, it’s still showing how they’re able to work together to captivate an audience for a film.

This movie in particular deals with a lot of homosexual/bisexual/whatever issues, with the characters having a lot of qualms with coming to terms with how other people are. The Ben Affleck character finds a homosexual female and falls in love with her. There, that’s the plot of the movie. I don’t really want to tell you much more than that. Now go watch it on Netflix streaming tonight!

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