Change Video Quality on Netflix

With bandwidth caps being a more standard norm in the United States, especially on cell phones, it's good to see that companies like Netflix are giving the ability to users of being able to decide on what quality that they'd like to watch their streaming television show or movie in.

From cnet:
For those who can access the new feature, log in to Netflix and click on the link in the upper right called Your Account & Help. Scroll down to the "Watching Instantly On Your TV or Computer" section and click on the link for Manage Video Quality.
From there, you have three options to choose from for video settings: 1) Good (up to 0.3GB per hour), Better (up to 0.7GB per hour), or Best (up to 1GB per hour, or up to 2.3GB per hour for HD).
So that's nice of them, though I can't help but add here that, from home, I feel it's a disgusting aspect that we even have to deal with bandwidth caps as a society.

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