Top 10 Netflix Streaming Thrillers - May 2011

Thrillers are one of my favorite genres of movies, and it just so happens that Netflix streaming has some of my favorite thrillers available to watch. I do wish though, that Netflix would really expand this category a bit, because it'd be really great to get a bigger collection of pulse-pounding thriller movies to be able to stream at night.

Either way, here is this month's list of the Top 10 best thrillers available to watch on Netflix streaming!

5. Exam

Have you ever met someone who didn't like Aliens? I don't think I have.


Anonymous said...

while certainly "thrilling" in the traditional sense, most of these movies are not considered "thrillers" in a film genre sense. and even if they were, not the best on netflix instant.

Anonymous said...

I think as long as Netflix defines them as thrillers, then thrillers they are, and I'm hard pressed to find many really good thrillers on Netflix Instant, but Insomnia and Shutter Island are two great ones.

I'd have to back to the Hitchcock and James Bond films.

Taylor said...

I kept it to all Netflix-defined thrillers this month. What kind of movies do you consider thrillers, then? Give me some examples.

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